Mr. Clean Vs Lysol: Which Cleaner is Best?

Mr. Clean Vs Lysol

Getting the right cleaning product that finds the right balance between cleaning surfaces and killing germs can be tricky. Products like Mr. Clean and Lysol are two top brands known to be efficient in cleaning and disinfecting. Depending on your priority, either cleaning, disinfecting, or both, you may want to ask; Mr. Clean Vs. Lysol, … Read more

Purex vs. Persil Liquid Laundry Detergent

Purex vs Persil

The health benefits of having a thoroughly cleaned environment with sparkling clean household items and laundry items have a way of accentuating the ambiance in your home.  However, to achieve this, the right cleaning agent such as Purex and Persil are needed. Hence the question becomes Purex or Persil; which is the better option? Purex … Read more

Clorox vs. Lysol: What’s the Difference?

Clorox vs Lysol

Keeping your house clean and free from germs is not an option but a necessity. For our health and that of our loved ones, it is important to use disinfectants for this purpose as most of them are effective against pathogens and other disease-causing agents.  Clorox Company, as one of the largest bleach and disinfectant … Read more

How To Clean Walls After Floor Sanding

How To Clean Walls After Floor Sanding

We often need to refinish our hardwood floors. Though the task is noisy and dusty, you cannot avoid doing this. And when you do it, you must deal with the negative outcomes coming from this task. No matter how hard you try, the dust will flow through the air and make your wall dusty. Cleaning … Read more

ECOS vs. Seventh Generation: Which is Better?

ECOS vs Seventh Generation

ECOS and Seventh Generation are two eco-friendly cleaning brands known for manufacturing products free from dangerous chemicals and non-toxic. It is no surprise that both choices are good enough; they have a subtle fragrance and will leave your hands feeling soft after use. The main question here is; which is better? ECOS has been known … Read more