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Caldrea vs Mrs Meyers: The Best Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Caldrea vs Mrs Meyers

Eco-friendly shopping is becoming more popular each day, and it is important to know the best plant-based brands to buy your products from.

Caldrea and Mrs Meyers both offer a wide range of home cleaning products and body and hand care products. Both brands are well-known for the variety of fragrances in their products.

A major difference between Caldrea and Mrs Meyers is their price. Mrs Meyers is more affordable, while Caldrea is a lot more expensive.

 CaldreaMrs Meyers
Diversity in product offeringsCaldrea has a small line of products to select fromMrs Meyers does not cater to a lot of product lines.
FragranceCaldrea has a variety of amazing fragrances and smells that will leave your home smelling like a perfume store.Mrs Meyers is also well known for its fragrance and beautiful smell.
Cleaning PowerTheir laundry and household cleaners are strong and perform the work well.It has a strong cleaning strength and is extremely effective.
PriceCaldrea products are very expensive and can be out of budget for most people.Mrs Meyers is also quite expensive compared to traditional cleaning methods, but is less costly than Caldrea.
Is it Biodegradable?All liquid products Caldrea offers are biodegradable, from counter-top sprays to dish soaps.Mrs Meyers has numerous biodegradable products.
IngredientsTheir products have some synthetic ingredients in them to assist i.n preservationMrs Meyers mixes both natural and synthetic ingredients in its products.


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Differences between Caldrea and Mrs Meyers eco-friendly products

While both Caldrea and Mrs Meyers are plant-derived brands, they still have some differences that make them unique from each other:


Plant-based alternatives are known to be are expensive than traditional synthetic products. Caldrea and Mrs Meyers are no different. On average, Mrs Meyers products range from 15 to 20 dollars. While this is not excessively costly, it does have a higher price tag than regular dish soaps, and laundry detergents.

However, Caldrea products cost almost double the price of Mrs Meyers products. Their prices range from 30 dollars upwards and are out of budget for most people.

If you need a cheaper plant-based alternative, Mrs Meyers would be a better option, as it has a wide range of products, beautiful scents, and a stable price.

If you do have the money, Caldrea also has beautiful products and scents and is definitely worth the price.


Caldrea uses natural resources and plants like palm oil, coconut, sage, olive, or soy as the foundation of their products. Their fragrances are derived from plants and essential oils.

Neither of their products contains phosphates, parabens, chlorine, ammonia, and other chemicals.

Mrs Meyers provides a detailed list of the ingredients they use and the benefits you can derive from each ingredient. Their ingredients include acetone, allyl heptanoate, benzaldehyde, camphene, and other natural and synthetic ingredients.

Caldrea and Mrs Meyers are against animal testing and do not test their products on animals.

Similarities between Caldrea and Mrs Meyers

Caldrea and Mrs Meyers share a lot of similarities when it comes to branding and products. Both are fragrance-centered brands that use exotic natural fragrances and scents to promote their business, and they both offer cleaning and body care products. Here are a few similarities between Caldrea and Mrs Meyers you should take note of:


Both Caldrea and Mrs Meyers are known for their strong scents. Caldrea offers ten unique fragrances gotten from essential oils and plants. They do not use any artificial fragrances. This makes It safe for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Mrs Meyers also has lots of amazing fragrances. Their products are extremely beautiful and well-scented. Mrs Meyers uses non-plant-based fragrances in some of their products and does not offer scent-free products.

If you’re a fan of heavily scented products, Mrs Meyers and Caldrea are both excellent choices to consider.


Caldrea and Mrs Meyers cater to similar product lines. This means they offer almost the same services. Caldrea specializes in making candles, room sprays, hand care items, laundry products, and household cleaners.

Mrs Meyers provides body wash, candles, laundry detergent, hand sanitizers, and lots more. While they create similar products, Mrs Meyers has a wider selection of products and is a better option for people looking for an extensive brand.

They are both Plant-Based

Mrs Meyers and Caldrea are plant-based alternatives to traditional cleaning products and body care. They provide a more eco-friendly, natural option that is better for your skin, your home, and the environment. The vast majority of their products and ingredients are plant-based, excluding some artificial preservatives necessary for maintaining the products.

Cleaning Power

Caldrea and Mrs Meyers provide high-quality, plant-based cleaning products that will leave your house and clothes glowing. Mrs Meyers in particular has lots of great reviews about their laundry detergent, its cleaning power, and the wonderful smell it leaves on clothes.

Caldrea’s hand wash is also extremely efficient and will leave your palms feeling moisturized and clean. Mrs Meyers has multiple plant-based body washes, and soaps that clean extremely well.


Caldrea and Mrs Meyers are excellent brands that provide excellent service with the best quality products you will love. They are eco-friendly and sell natural products to keep your body and home safe from artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals. Plus, they smell beautiful. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. You can decide to buy from Mrs Meyers or Caldrea.

Caldrea allows you to pick from multiple beautiful fragrances like basil blue sage, ginger pomelo, lavender cedar leaf, and lots more. These natural scents and ingredients have incredible calming effects and will leave you feeling relaxed.

Mrs Meyers has a variety of products you can choose from. Their amazing scents will leave feeling lighter and calm. Both brands are great for people into scented products who want their house to have a unique aroma. Whichever brand you decide to choose depends on the products you need and your personal preference.

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