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Can You Use Mr. Clean On Hardwood Floors?

Can You Use Mr. Clean On Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can’t cope with all kinds of floor cleaners. Using the wrong floor cleaner like typical household cleaners or detergents can decay your hardwood floor. It’s recommended to use a dedicated hardwood floor cleaner for the best output. 

But what about Mr. clean? Can you use Mr. clean on hardwood floors? 

Yes, the best way to wipe out debris from your hardwood floor is using Mr. clean. This multi-surface cleaner cleans stubborn grease along with dirt precisely.  Moreover, cleaning your hardwood floor with Mr. Clean is nothing like rocket science. 

First, get ready with all the necessary cleaning kits. Then, prepare the cleaning solution in the right manner and start cleaning. To know more about the details of the cleaning process, let’s proceed to the main discussion. 

How to use Mr. clean on hardwood floors

This section depicts a detailed overview of how to use Mr. clean on hardwood floors. 

Step 1: Get ready with essential instruments

  • Gather your vacuum cleaner, a mop, a bucket, and plenty of clean water first. No secret ingredient is required; the open secret ingredient is only Mr. clean. 
  • Place them near the working area. After gathering these instruments, equip you with safety manners. Though it’s not a risky task, there is a chance of an accident. The cleaning solution especially may become sensitive to your skin. Therefore, wear hand gloves and don’t get started without an old dress. 

Step 2: Remove the surface dirt 

  • You can use a vacuum cleaner or a mop- whatever you want to clean the hardwood surface. If you have pets inside your home, you need to clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner. It’ll remove hairs as well as other tiny debris. 
  • Using a mop is also appreciable. But, you need a microfibre type mop for this purpose. Microfibre mops can capture tiny debris more perfectly than typical mops. If you want to know about the comparative performance, we vote for the vacuum cleaner. 

Step 3: Prepare the cleaning solution

  • It’s time to prepare the cleaning solution by mixing Mr. clean with sufficient water. Start by filling your bucket with a gallon of water. Never put your bucket fully filled as it can dilute the solution. The dilute solution can’t clean the hardwood surface properly. 
  • You need to mix ¼ cup of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath now. There are several scent options for this cleaner. We recommend the Febreze Lavender Scent option for getting the ultimate fragrance. 

Step 4: Prepare the cleaning mop

  • Next, you need to grab the microfibre mop. Submerge it in the solution inside the bucket and ensure that it’s properly wet. Hardwood floors are susceptible to extreme water. So, the best thing to do is for hardwood floors not to get too wet. 
  • Before starting your cleaning process, give your mop a good wringing. Now you can proceed to reinvigorate your floors. 

Step 5: Deal with the stains first

  • You need to dispose of dark spots and pet stains at first. Rub the spot with the steel wool. You can also use the floor wax for better output. If the area isn’t still healed, apply the cleaning solution to the surface. You can also use vinegar and keep it in wood for about an hour. The last thing to do with the solution is rinsed with a wet cloth. 
  • If there are oil-based stains on the hardwood floor, dish detergent may help to break down the grease. Rinse with the mop with the cleaning solution and apply it gently to the surface. If one application doesn’t work, keep applying this method. Remember, the solution may become highly sensitive for children and pets. So, keep them away from the working area.
  • In case the hardwood floor has watermarks or white stains, Mr.clean solution can disappear. Rub the spot similar to the previous step. If the stain goes deeper, think about the odorless mineral spirits. 

Step 6: Final cleaning

  • Dispose of the rest of the solution from the bucket in a safe place. We recommend using your toilet or bathroom. Then, fill the bucket with fresh water. 
  • Take your mop and submerge it in the bucket. After making it wet, clean the whole surface so that the slippery environment disappears. Wait for a while to get a dry and clean hardwood surface. Congratulations, your whole operation is closed here. 


Hardwood floors aren’t easy to maintain. Though they’re long-lasting, unless you take care of them, they’ll ruin your life. Specks of Dirt and stains are the prime enemy of the hardwood floor. So, you need to take action against their most difficult enemy.

Your question “can you use Mr. clean on hardwood floors” must be cleared here. This multi-surface cleaning material is the toughest enemy against stains and debris. Perhaps, you have used various solutions before. But, this product will surely bring more enchanting results than the previous times.

There are many harmful bacteria on the hardwood floor surface. Normal cleaning can’t nip in the bud. A powerful cleaning solution like Mr. Clean is the only way to kill them properly. If you follow the right cleaning instructions, your floor will look like the new one.

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