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Dawn Ultra vs. Platinum: Which Dish Soap Is Better?

Dawn Ultra vs Platinum

Choosing between two different products can be quite difficult, especially when they are both excellent. For you to have found this article, you are looking for the best dish soap brands and have narrowed your choices down to Dawn. The main question is should you buy Dawn Ultra or Dawn Platinum; which is the better option?

Dawn Ultra is a powerful dishwashing soap with a concentrated formula that can clean three times more than your average soap per drop. This means you can use small amounts and still get the desired results. It has a wide variety of soap products.

Dawn Platinum is the perfect dish soap for tough messes and stains; its concentrated formula allows it to clean four times more than your average soap. It can clean 48 hours of stuck-on food in seconds, making it one of Dawn’s best products.

The difference between both dish soaps is that Dawn Platinum has a more concentrated formula which allows it to clean four times more than Dawn Ultra. Although, this makes it the costlier option.

Dawn UltraDawn Platinum
IngredientsDawn Ultra dish soap has less concentrated ingredients than Dawn Platinum. Some of its ingredients include water, alcohol denatured, sodium chloride, phenoxyethanol, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.Dawn Platinum has a more concentrated formula and has two active ingredients that Ultra does not have. These are tetrasodiumcarboxymethyl glutamate and sodium hydroxide.
Variety of productsDawn Ultra has a more comprehensive range of perfect products forsensitive skin. It also has more antibacterial soaps, which is ideal for hand washing.Dawn Platinum does not have a wide range of soap products like Dawn Ultra, but it does have a higher cleaning power than other Dawn Products.
StrengthDawn Ultra is a classic dish soapknown for its affordability and capability to get the job done.Dawn Platinum is stronger than Dawn Ultra; it has more cleaning power and is the best option for tackling tough stains and messes.
SizesDawn Ultra comes in bigger sizes.Dawn Platinum does not come in sizes as big as Dawn Ultra.
ScentIt comes in only one original scent, and this is usually described as a fruity fragrance with citrus undertones.It comes in three different scents; green papaya, refreshing rain, and lemon burst.
FormatDawn Ultra is available in only the traditional liquid dish soap format.Dawn Platinum is available in the traditional liquid dish soap and powerWash dish spray format.

Differences between Dawn Ultra and Dawn Platinum Dish Soap


Dawn Ultra and Dawn Platinum have different products, as explained below.

Dawn Ultra Products

Dawn Ultra Gentle Clean Dishwashing Soap

This product is perfect for sensitive and dry skin, especially when used frequently. It does not have the average amount of scrubbing power that the standard Dawn Ultra has, but it comes in a beautiful scent (rose water and pomegranate) and will give your dishes a gentle clean.

Dawn Ultra Free & Clear Dishwashing Soap

This comes in a lemon scent and is even more gentle than the above-explained product. It is a free and clear dishwashing soap with 50% less scrubbing and does not contain dyes or harsh chemicals. It is also an excellent choice for sensitive skin due to its natural elements and lack of strong chemicals.

Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Hand Soap

This product is a multipurpose soap that you can use to wash your dishes and hands due to its antibacterial properties. It contains a powerful grease-fighting soap technology that guarantees effective results when used to wash dishes.

Dawn Ultra Original Dishwashing Soap

This is the standard Dawn Ultra dishwashing soap, a classic option for daily washing of dishes. Its concentrated formula allows you to clean three times more than you will when using an average soap.

Dawn Platinum Products

Dawn Platinum PowerWash Dish Spray

The Dawn Platinum PowerWash Dish Spray provides a different way of cleaning dishes and has five times the ability (compared to other products) to get rid of grease and stuck food. There is zero need for scrubbing dishes when using this product; spray it on your dishes, wipe them off and rinse them.

Dish Platinum Dishwashing Liquid

This is the standard product offered under the Platinum line and is excellent for cleaning tough stains. It comes in a refreshing rainwater scent and can remove stuck food that has been on your dishes for up to 48 hours.

Dawn Platinum Bleach Alternative Dishwashing Liquid

This comes in a morning mist scent, and it is the perfect option for killing germs while cleaning. It comes with the standard cleaning power like every other product in the Platinum line, but it has more antibacterial properties.

Dawn Platinum Erasing Dish Foam

Dawn claims that one pump from this dish foam bottle is enough to clean a sink filled with dishes, and they are not wrong. It is excellent for getting rid of stuck food and can absorb five times more grease.

Cleaning Power

The main difference between Dawn Ultra and Dawn Platinum is their overall scrubbing power. If you are looking for a stronger product capable of cleaning tough stains, Platinum is your best choice. However, Ultra is also capable, but nothing compared to its rival.

Dawn Ultra boasts of cleaning three times more than the average dishwashing soap, while Dawn Platinum can clean four times more, which gives it a higher cleaning power. Platinum has a more concentrated formula which makes all of this possible.

Ultra can remove grease and stuck-on food products from your cooking utensils, but Platinum has the more excellent capability and is more effective.


Dawn is a premium brand, which means their dishwashing products are more expensive than the average. When it comes to price, Platinum is more costly than Ultra. This is not surprising as the former can achieve much more than the latter. The prices of both products vary by retailer, and it ranges between 10% to 30% per ounce.

Similarities between Dawn Ultra and Dawn Platinum Dish Soap


Apart from the fact that both products are excellent and effective, the primary thing they have in common is that they are Dawn products. Dawn is a brand of dishwashing liquid owned by Procter & Gamble.

They have been in the dish soap business since 1973, and they are known for manufacturing excellent (50% less scrubbing) and versatile (can be used to clean different items) products.

With all that is written above, it is apparent that both dish soaps are excellent products guaranteed to give you the best results. It is all up to you to decide which is the best for your home.

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