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Dawn vs. Palmolive Dish Soap: Which Should You Go For?

Dawn vs Palmolive Dish Soap

Dishwashing is an everyday domestic activity, and to effectively ensure the cleanliness of the dishes, there is a need to use dish soap and water. Different dish soap brands are available, but the most recognized ones are the Dawn and Palmolive brands.

Colgate-Palmolive is the owner of the Palmolive brand, whereas Dawn is Proctor & Gamble. The two dish soaps are commonly used in various homes, and they have many similarities as their effectiveness in cleaning dishes is guaranteed. Although the two dish soaps are effective, there are some differences between them in terms of the product offerings, company overview, and pricing. This guide will discuss the differences and similarities between the two brands and enable consumers to decide on the best dish soap.

OwnerProcter & GambleColgate-Palmolive
Cleaning PowerHigher Lesser


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Differences of Dawn vs Palmolive Dish Soap

Both Dawn and Palmolive are effective as dish soap, although there are some differences in terms of product options, cleaning power, and pricing. The differences include:

Product Options

There are numerous product options for both Dawn and Palmolive, with them having different products based on various formulas and needs. For instance, Dawn has other product options in terms of liquid, spray, or foam. There are more than a dozen liquid dish soaps produced by the brand, and each of them has its formula and scent. Likewise, Palmolive product options are different in terms of scents and formulas, and they come in the form of liquid, powerpacs, and spray.


Each product option of both Dawn and Palmolive has a scent that differentiates it from other products. Dawn product options are more numerous than that of Palmolive. Thus, the former tend to have more different scents than the latter. Some of the scents common to Dawn dish soaps are orange, lemon essence, apple blossom, jasmine tea, aloe, tea & honey, wildberry, peach & almond, and green papaya, to mention a few. Although there is a limit to Palmolive scent compared to Dawn’s, there is still a considerable amount of them based on the formula. Some Palmolive product scents include almond milk, spring fresh, orange, coconut water & jasmine, blueberry, lavender & lime, and lavender eucalyptus.

Cleaning Power

An essential quality of dish soap is its cleaning power which determines its effectiveness in cleaning dishes. Palmolive and Dawn are effective dish soaps with many positive reviews from consumers. However, they differ in their cleaning power. In the United States, the brand that garnered the most dish soap sales is Dawn, but it does not mean that it is better than Palmolive. Independent testers rated each dish soap differently based on its cleaning power.

Dawn dish soap is more reliable, easy to use, and effective in ensuring the cleanliness of the dishes.

Palmolive dish soap removes stains from dishes, and sometimes you do not need to scrub to remove stains with the soap. All you need is to soak the dishes in soapy water. Also, in a review of the best dishwashing soaps, Best Cover rated both Dawn and Palmolive in terms of their cleaning power. According to the review, Dawn is affordable dish soap, long-lasting, and effective, whereas Palmolive received praises for its ability to remove grease and grime.


Generally, both Dawn and Palmolive dish soap are cheap; however, when comparing the price of the two products, Palmolive is cheaper than Dawn dish soap. Most times, the quality of soap always determines its cost, and when comparing the price of two dish soaps, it is advisable to make a bulk purchase. Also, the strength of a soap formula influences the price such that stronger soaps tend to be more expensive. Both Dawn and Palmolive dish soap effectively remove stains and clean dishes regardless of the cost.

Similarities between Dawn and Palmolive Dish Soap

Since Dawn and Palmolive dish soap are both used in cleaning dishes, there are some similarities between the two, and these include:

Active Ingredients

Although the formula for each product of Dawn and Palmolive differ, there are similarities between their active ingredients. Their formulation is consistent with most dish soaps as the common components include solvents, surfactants, fragrances, water, dyes, and sulfates. The active ingredients ensure the hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity properties of soaps which are common to the two brands. The hydrophilicity properties enable the soap to form lather quickly with water, whereas the hydrophobicity properties enable the removal of stains.

Antibacterial Activity

Another similarity between Dawn and Palmolive is their antibacterial activity, with which each product formulation encourages the death of bacteria present on the dishes and hands.


When ingested, both Palmolive and Dawn products can cause severe damage to the body as they contain toxic chemicals to the body system. Therefore, all the products usually come with caution for consumers not ingest the products.

Multipurpose Usage

Apart from cleaning dishes, Dawn and Palmolive have products that serve other purposes. There are products from both brands useful in cleaning cabinets, appliances, sinks, and floors. Also, cleaning painted or greased surfaces with just water is ineffective, but adding dish soap from any of the two brands will help clean such surfaces.

Which Dish Soap Should You Buy Between Dawn And Palmolive?

Although there are numerous dishwashing soaps, Palmolive and Dawn are two popular brands that produce quality dish soap. Palmolive and Dawn dish soaps can effectively clean dishes, and after reading this guide, you can select the best option out of the two for you. Dawn is the better dish soap in cleaning power and the product options available. However, Palmolive will be a better choice if you want a cheaper dish soap that can still effectively ensure the cleanliness of dishes. The best way to determine which dish soap is the best for you is by using the two and comparing them yourself. The products of each brand are obtainable online via amazon, and you can also visit any retail stores to purchase them.

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