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Fabuloso vs Lysol: What’s the Difference?

Fabuloso vs Lysol

Since covid-19, people care about cleanliness more than ever before. If you are one of those people, you already know about Fabuloso and Lysol as cleaning chemicals.

However, Fabuloso vs Lysol, do you know what’s the exact difference between them? Well, in short, the Fabuloso products are mainly cleaners which generally do not kill bacteria and viruses with 100% efficiency. On the other hand, the Lysol products are meant to be 100% disinfectants that kill bacteria and viruses.

Now, if you want to take advantage of these cleaning chemicals to the full extent, you have to know how they differ from each other in further detail. That’s why we have organized this post for you.


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Fabuloso: What Does It Do?

Fabuloso cleaners are generally all-purpose cleaners that are meant to remove stains and dirt off any surface. However, all of the products from Fabuloso are not 100% disinfectants.

But, only the Fabuloso Complete Antibacterial Sparkling Citrus promises to kill bacteria with 100% efficiency. Other than this, all the products from Fabuloso will have extremely good sense and cleaning ability. But, they are not promised to be full-strength disinfectants.

That means, if you use Fabuloso products to clean bacteria and viruses, you won’t have a good result. Rather, you will need to use a dedicated disinfectant chemical to remove and kill bacteria and viruses.

Lysol: What Does It Do?

Lysol products are well known to be dedicated disinfectants that can kill bacteria, germs, molds, fungus, and other contaminants with 100% efficiency. Not only that, they can be used to clean and sanitize all surfaces including sinks, toilets, etc.

However, since Lysol products are meant to be dedicated disinfectants, it is not guaranteed that all of its products will have a sweet and satisfying scent. Meaning, you might get chemical smells from Lysol products.

Now, it’s also worth mentioning that Lysol products are somewhat equivalent in disinfecting to alcohols, bleaches, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

Fabuloso vs Lysol: What’s The Difference Between Them:

In order to make it easier for you to understand what the purpose of these two products is, we have provided a detailed comparison below:

1. Killing Bacteria

Fabuloso products do not promise to kill 100% of bacteria. Rather, they are meant for cleaning purposes. That means you can clean stains, blemishes, and spots from any surface by using Fabuloso products.

On the other hand, Lysol products promise to kill bacteria. That means they’re able to completely exterminate bacterias. Therefore, if you want to perfectly sanitize a surface, you can use the Lysol products.

2. Killing Viruses:

Fabuloso products are not well equipped to be able to kill viruses with 100% efficiency. However, Only the Fabuloso Complete Antibacterial Sparkling Citrus is EPA certified to be capable of exterminating viruses. 

So, if you are attempting to get rid of viruses such as the covid-19 virus, most Fabuloso products will not be a good choice for that job. 

On the contrary, Lysol products are EPA approved to be virus killers. So, they can be used in any sanitization jobs. In fact, Lysol products are used in hospitals and health clinics to provide sanitary services.

3. Removing Mold And Fungus:

Fabuloso products can easily remove molds and funguses because of their surface cleaning nature. Not only that, if you use Fabuloso products to remove molds and fungus, you will also get rich and refreshing scents. 

It’s because the manufacturer of Fabuloso products provides an additional refreshing scent in their chemical products, so the users have a perfect feeling of cleanliness.

On the flip side, Lysol products can also perfectly remove molds and funguses with 100% efficiency. It’s because they are disinfectant chemicals, and disinfectants work perfectly in removing molds and funguses. However, it is not guaranteed that you will get additional scents with Lysol products.

Fabuloso vs Lysol: Can I Use One Instead Of Other?

It’s actually not a good idea to use cleaners instead of disinfectants and vice versa. It’s because cleaners are not well equipped to do the jobs of disinfectants (and the same applies to the disinfectants as well).

So, you cannot generally use Fabuloso products instead of Lysol products (and vice versa).

However, since Fabuloso products are only surface cleaners with little disinfecting capabilities and Lysol products are disinfectants with low surface cleaning capabilities, it is understandable that you’d want to use one single product that can do the job of both the chemicals.

That’s why Fabuloso has introduced a specialized cleaner that has both disinfecting and cleaning capabilities. It’s the Fabuloso Complete Antibacterial Sparkling Citrus. This product provides antibacterial protection and perfect cleaning performances as well. 

On top of that, it also provides fresh smells of citrus after it’s been used on any surface.

Or, you can use the Lysol® All-Purpose Cleaner as well. It also provides both cleaning and disinfecting action at the same time.

Fabuloso vs Lysol: Which One Is EPA Certified?

Of all the Fabuloso products, only the Fabuloso Complete Antibacterial Sparkling Citrus is EPA certified to be 100% antibacterial. So, you can use this Fabuloso product for killing viruses such as the SARS-CoV-2.

On the other hand, from all the Lysol products, only the Lysol Disinfectant Spray and the Lysol Disinfectant Max Cover Mist are EPA certified to be 100% antibacterial in nature. Therefore, if you want to buy a Lysol product that can kill viruses in contact, you should only opt for the above-mentioned 2  products.


As you can see from the above discussion, Fabuloso and Lysol are generally different in nature from one another. Simply put, Fabuloso products are cleaners and Lysol products are disinfectants.

However, both the brands have manufactured one or two particular products that can do the job of both cleaners and disinfectants. So, if you want to avoid confusion, you should just go ahead and buy those multi-purpose products (as we have recommended above).

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