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Glass Plus vs. Windex: Which Glass Cleaner is Better?

Glass Plus vs Windex

If you are reading this article, you are currently looking for the best glass cleaner, one that provides effective results. The good thing is that you have narrowed your options down to Glass Plus and Windex, but which is the better option for you?

Glass Plus is not only used for cleaning glass but also serves as a multi-surface cleaner (wooden furniture and glass-topped tables). It can cut through dirt, grease, and grime and leaves a streak-free shine on whatever surface you have cleaned.

Windex is a popular brand that most people use for cleaning all kinds of glass surfaces; it is known for eliminating streaks, so you never have to deal with that. This glass cleaner is very effective for cleaning mirrors and will highlight all kinds of smudges and fingerprints on the surface once applied.

Glass Plus and Windex are known to give excellent results once used, but they have their differences. One significant difference between them is that Windex offers a wide range of glass cleaning products while Glass Plus has only one multi-surface glass cleaner.

Glass PlusWindex
OwnersGlass Plus was owned by S.C Johnson but was later purchased and is now being manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser.The Windex glass cleaner was an automobile windshield cleaner owned by Philip Drackett. SC Johnson acquired the Drackett company in 1992.
UsageIt is a multi-surface glass cleaner. You can use it on surfaces like eyeglasses, appliances, computer screens, fiberglass, picture frames, marble, etc. You should not use it on varnished surfaces because it can damage them.It is a good stain remover for your car’s upholstery, windows, and dashboards. You can also use it to clean counters, mirrors, jewelry, walls, floors, glass cooktop, etc.
AmmoniaGlass Plus does not contain ammonia. It is also free from alcohol, phosphates, and bleach.Windex’s original glass cleaner has ammonia, but it does not give off a repulsive chemical odor. There is also an ammonia-free option for those who prefer zero chemicals.
StreaksGlass Plus claims to be streak-free but some customer reviews say that it sometimes leaves a foamy or faint streak after it has been applied.Windex leaves all your surfaces with a streak-free shine. When compared to other products, it eliminated streaks better.
OdorSince it does not contain ammonia, it has no offensive or lingering odor, only a mild odor that goes away after some time.The ammonia-free Windex has a mild odor; it is not unpleasant, and neither does it linger.


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Differences between Glass Plus and Windex Glass Cleaner

Below are some of the significant differences between Glass Plus and Windex; this will help you narrow your choice down to one glass cleaner.


As written above, the major difference between both glass cleaners is that Glass Plus offers only one product while Windex has a wide variety for customers to choose from. So, if you are the type that loves to choose from many options, Windex is your best choice.

Some of the Windex Products

Windex Original Glass Cleaner

The original Windex glass cleaner is packaged using 100% ocean-bound plastic and provides a streak-free shine when applied to glass surfaces. It is said to immediately start working on fingerprints, dust, smudges, and grime, even before wiping it off. The formula contains ammonia, but it does not give off a repulsive chemical smell. Lastly, it is the perfect choice for cleaning mirrors.

Windex Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner

This is your go-to option if you are the type of person who prefers an ammonia-free glass cleaner. The alternative ingredients used in this formula allow excellent results when applied to glass surfaces without using chemicals. It is the perfect option for enclosed areas such as cars.

Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner

The Windex foaming glass cleaner contains a foaming aerosol formula that helps stop the cleaner from dripping while you clean. It is the best way to avoid messes, is easy to use, and provides a streak-free effect.

Windex Vinegar Glass Cleaner

This is an excellent alternative to the original cleaner if you want an ammonia-free product. The formula of the Windex Vinegar provides equal benefits as the original but without chemicals. Due to vinegar’s bond-breaking acidic properties, it is an excellent option for 100% cleaning results.

Glass Plus Product

Glass Plus Multi-Surface Glass Cleaner

Unlike Windex, Glass Plus’s only product is its multi-surface glass cleaner. It removes smudges and is safe to use on surfaces like windows, mirrors, car windows, countertops, electronics, photo frames, etc. It is ammonia-free and promises a streak-free shine after it has been applied.


There is not much difference between the prices of Glass Plus and Windex, but at the same time, they are not the same. The prices of these glass cleaners vary by retailers and the fluid ounces in the bottle you are buying.

For example, the Glass Plus 32-ounce bottle costs $7.99, $0.25 per fluid ounce. The Windex 23-ounce bottle costs $2.72, which is $0.12 per fluid ounce.


Glass Plus and Windex are potent cleaning agents; the ingredients in these two glass cleaners can pose certain health hazards, so it is always essential to use them carefully. You need to turn the nozzle on and spray the product directly on the surface you want to clean. Then wipe it off with a lint-free cloth.

According to the EWG, both products have a D rating, which means that they pose hazardous risks to the environment. It is also important to note that ammonia in the original Windex cleaner has an F rating because it is a strong chemical.

Glass Plus contains water, ethanolamine, propylene glycol, sodium Laureth sulfate, fragrance, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc. The original Windex has water, ammonium hydroxide, fragrance, liquitint sky blue dye, isopropanolamine, etc.


Now that you are done reading this article, you should be able to choose between Glass Plus and Windex. Windex is quite affordable, has various options, and provides streak-free results. Glass Plus is also cheap, has just one product, and does not eliminate streaks.

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