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Goo Gone Vs. Goof Off: The Differences You Should Know

Goo Gone Vs Goof Off

The debate about which adhesive cleaner is best- Goo gone or Goof off- is an unending one.  With the number of strong adhesives on the market, one needs just the right cleaner/remover that can take it off without leaving any residue. So which one is it going to be for you? Goo gone or Goof off? Read on to find out.

Goo gone is a citrus-based solution that can be used to remove adhesive, grime, stains, or dirt, grease, gum, etc., flawlessly from any surface, without causing any damage to it.

Goof off is a heavy-duty adhesive remover that is highly ineffective against super glue, epoxy, gorilla glue, etc., that is also usable on any surface.

The significant difference between Goo gone and Goof off is that the former works majorly against sticky messes, grime, grease, etc., while the latter is a professional cleaning solution that removes even the toughest of glues, dried paint, or any adhesive in general.

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Comparison table for Goo gone VS Goof off

Goo goneGoof off
ProductsProfessional Goo Gone, Original Goo Gone, Automotive Goo Gone, Paint Goo Gone, Home Goo GoneProfessional Goof Off, Goof Off Rust Stain Removers, Heavy Duty Goof Off, Goof Off Degreasers, Specialty Goof Off
Active IngredientsPetroleum distillates d-Limonene Aliphatic ether alcohol Orange sweet extract Glycol ether Solvent orange 60Ethylenebenzene Acetone Methyl acetate Xylene Stoddard solvent Methanol Benzene Cumene
SafetyNon-flammable and non-toxic to skinFlammable and toxic when in contact with skin
UsesSafe to use on clothing, upholstery, carpet, and hard surfaces like plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, granite, windows, tiles, and countertop.Car surfaces, fiberglass, brick surface,  Wood, hand tools, car surfaces, glass, and metal.
OdorCitrus-based scentPetroleum odor
CostRelatively cheapExpensive compared to Goo gone

Differences between Goo gone and Goof off

Goo gone and Goof off are two popular brands that are constantly compared to each other. If you are wondering which of them is most effective, check out the detailed comparison between them both below.


Goo gone and Goof off are known for their adhesive remover products even though they offer a variety of products for both household and industrial cleaning tasks.Goo gone products come in the form of an aerosol, spray gel, clean-up wipes, liquid, and applicator pen. Their products include:

Professional Goo gone is the most effective product from this brand, which can tackle super glue, ink, tree sap, and any tough adhesive. It also offers products for surface cleaning and cleaning your hands after jobs like painting.

Home Goo gone features solutions that remove grime, dirt, grease, etc., in all household cleaning chores. This is ideal for your oven, grip, shower, and countertops.

There’s also Original Goo gone products for surface cleanings. Automotive Goo gone products handle sticky or grimy messes on cars. Finally, the Paint Goo gone products are ideal for cleaning off paint, graffiti, mold, etc.

On the other hand, Goof off also offers a variety of adhesive removing and cleaning products in various forms such as powder, liquid, cleansing wipes, aerosol, tablet, and spray. Goof off Rust Stain remove products are ideal tackle rusts indoors and outdoors.

Professional Strength Goof off is the most potential adhesive remover from this brand that tackles Grimes, sticky messes, and stains on any surface. Specialty Goof off offers different products for automotive jobs and paint removal. Goof off degreasers are products that remove grease stains from fabrics, hard surfaces, upholstery, tiles, carpet, etc. Heavy-duty Goof off solutions is strong enough to handle even the toughest of adhesives, tree sap, asphalt, etc.

Active ingredients

Both Goo gone and Goof off are made from chemicals, which give them their causing and stains removal potentials. Every product composed has a special ingredient that contributes to its uniqueness. Some of these chemicals are in high concentration, making them toxic to both humans and animals.

The active ingredients in Goo gone are specifically for household projects like cleaning off the sticky mess, grease, dirt, etc. Plus the citrus-based scent in Goo gone leaves a nice fragrance on the cleaned surface afterward.

The active ingredients in Goof off are ideal for taking off tough adhesives like paint, epoxy, glue, etc., without leaving residue on the surface. Goof off has a petroleum-like odor, which might be irritating for some people. Also, its ingredients make it not ideal for use on plastic surfaces as it can melt them.


There are a lot of concerns about the safety of these products.

Goo gone does not contain flammable ingredients or substances, which is why it is ideal for household jobs. Goof off is highly flammable because of its petroleum content (acetone). This is why the manufacturer clearly warns that you use the products in well-ventilated spaces and store them away from heat or open fire.

 As regards toxicity, Goo gone does not cause skin irritation while Goof off can be absorbed into the human skin and cause irritation. The main ingredient in Goof off causing this is acetone.

Whether the non-toxic, nonflammable Goo gone or the highly flammable and toxic Goof off, ensure to keep them far from the reach of children and pets.

Cost and availability

Goo gone and Goof off are both affordable; however, Goof off is a bit more expensive probably because their products deal more with heavy-duty adhesives. An 8-ounce bottle of Goo gone costs about $7 to $8, while a 4-ounce bottle of Goof off is between $8-$9.

Irrespective of their prices, a single bottle can last you for months before any need for replacement. So, we can say that they are cost-effective.

Both Goo gone and Goof off are widely available on Amazon, their respective websites, hardware or home improvement shops, and big-box stores.


If you are looking to tackle stubborn adhesive messes and remove rust stains, Goof off has just the right products for you but for household projects, Goo gone takes the lead. The bottom line is Goo gone is less harsh and inexpensive than Goo off; nevertheless, choosing between Goo Gone and Goof Off depends on why you need an adhesive remover.

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