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How to Use Folex Carpet Cleaner

How to Use Folex Carpet Cleaner

Folex carpet cleaner is a simple and effective tool to help you get rid of stains. Not only does it clean carpets well, but it can also get off stains on cushions, sofas, curtains, or even tile surfaces. So now that you have got your hands on a bottle of this “magic solution”, you’re wondering how to use it.

Spray the solution on the stained part of your carpet. Then using your fingers, rub the solution gently on the area. Finally, use a dried cloth to bloat the cleaner and let it dry. The stain should instantly go away. But if it does not, repeat the previous steps until the stain goes away.

If you want to learn more in detail about the process, stay along. We would cover a whole lot about how and where to use Folex Carpet Cleaner.

Simple Guide on How to Use Folex Carpet Cleaner 

Using Folex Carpet Cleaner is relatively easy. Follow these simple steps.


Before you actually apply the solution, first see if your carpet can safely be treated with Folex. Usually, most people won’t find much of an issue with Folex. But if your carpet has been treated with chemicals before, it is better to play safe. 

Apply a small amount of the solution to a tiny, unnoticeable part of your carpet. Observe if the solution causes any sort of discolouration. If not, you’re good to go.


First, apply the solution to the stained spot on your carpet.


Then rub the sprayed solution gently using your fingers.


Using an absorbent cloth, blot away excess moisture. The solution is water-based so you won’t need to rinse the part you cleaned off. Just let the cleaner dry once you’re done with it.

What you would notice is that the stain would instantly go away! Buyers have said the cleaner does its job almost immediately as you apply it.

Repeat (optional)

However, if you hadn’t seen immediate effects, repeat the previous steps until the stain goes away.

You can also use Folex Carpet Cleaner in a cleaning machine, like Bissell. But again before you use it in a machine, be sure your carpet can handle Folex. 

Just the same as mentioned, apply some cleaning solution on a small part of the carpet. If you don’t see any discoloration or damage, you’re good to put that in your machine. 

If your machine uses a direct draw tube, then attach the cleaning bottle directly. Other cleaning machines also use a mixing tank. 

For those, add Folex cleaner and water in a 1:4 or 1:6 ratio. Be sure to put in warm water, but also be careful to not put too hot water. Else the stains may become even more stubborn. 

Finally, if your carpet is really dirty, pre-treat the stained areas with some Folex cleaner before you start cleaning with the machine.

Why Folex Carpet Cleaner is One of the Best Out There

And that’s basically how to use Folex Carpet Cleaner! We meant it when we said Folex is simple and effective. How Folex works is that it is a surfactant. 

This means that the cleaner reduces the surface tension of the dirt, hence loosening its grip on the carpet. And for that, the stain gets removed easily if you gently wipe it off. 

The manufacturer also states that Folex is non-ionic. This is an added advantage as any dirt would not be electrostatically attracted to the cleaned area. And Folex’s advantages don’t end just there! You can literally clean off ANY stain marks. Coffee stains, mud, dirt, ink, pet stains, food stains — you name it. 

And not just from carpets, the cleaner works on many surfaces. Be it on cushion, upholstery, curtains or rugs; Folex Carpet Cleaner would take care off any stains. 

People have seen Folex Carpet Cleaner working on hard surfaces like kitchen counters or bathrooms. Even car seats can be cleaned with this. 

People are said to have saved hundreds of dollars using Folex instead of changing the seat covers. Aside from its universal and excellent effectiveness, Folex is safe too! 

The solution is non-toxic and doesn’t have that much odour. People with kids or pets can safely use Folex as it imposes no risk onto them. 

Compared with conventional chemical solutions, or homemade solutions like white vinegar, Folex is more effective, safe and also less labour intensive. 

Professional carpet cleaners would charge hundreds of dollars to clean your carpet. But with Folex, you can do that by yourself, hassle free and inexpensive. 

One 32 oz bottle and you’re set to clean all the stains around your house. Is there anything more versatile than this?


So there we have it: a magical cleaning solution that gets rids of all stains on almost all surfaces. And the solution can also be used with cleaning machines to make the job even simpler! Folex cleaner is totally worthy to buy, as it cleans off the most stubborn stains so effortlessly. 

Just to summarize, here is a quick rundown on how to use the cleaner: check if the solution doesn’t damage the carpet, spray some cleaner, use your fingers to gently rub on the cleaner, and repeat if stains don’t go away. We hope that this article has helped you learn about how to use Folex Carpet Cleaner properly.

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