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Mr. Clean Vs Lysol: Which Cleaner is Best?

Mr. Clean Vs Lysol

Getting the right cleaning product that finds the right balance between cleaning surfaces and killing germs can be tricky. Products like Mr. Clean and Lysol are two top brands known to be efficient in cleaning and disinfecting.

Depending on your priority, either cleaning, disinfecting, or both, you may want to ask; Mr. Clean Vs. Lysol, which is better?

Mr. Clean is an all-purpose powerful cleaning product with fresh scents. It thoroughly cleans grease and grime. In heavy cleaning situations, you can use it for large messes and challenging stains.

On the other hand, Lysol is more famed for its germ-killing ability. It sanitizes surfaces killing viruses and bacteria. You can also use it to control the spread of mold and mildew. Its unique ability is down to its high Alcohol content.

The significant difference between these two is their cleaning and disinfecting abilities. While most of Mr. Clean products are suitable for cleaning surfaces, Lysol is more alcohol-based and suitable for disinfecting.

DescriptionMr. CleanLysol
IngredientsIt is composed of water, fragrances, colorants, and other chemicals such as Alkyldimethylamine oxide, C9-11 Pareth, Carboxymethyl inulin, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Citrate, etc.It is composed of water, fragrance and chemicals such as Alkyldimethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride, Phenoxyisopropanal, Lauramine Oxide, Ethanolamine, and TrisodiumDicarboxylmethylalanine.
Variety of productsProducts includes Mr. Clean Liquid multipurpose cleaner with Febreze, Mr. Clean Antibacterial multisurface cleaner, and Mr. Clean clean freak spray. Magic Erasers are also availableProducts include Lysol all-purpose cleaning spray and Lysol Bleach Multipurpose cleaner. Magic erasers are also available.
StrengthMr. Clean proposes a greater cleaning strength between the two products. It is ideal for tough stains, grime, and surfacesdifficult to clean. Lysol works more as a disinfectant and purposes lower cleaning power when compared to Mr. Clean.
SizesIt comes in three different product types with similar sizes. Other products, such as the magic cleaner and wipes, are relatively smaller.It comes in two different products of similar sizes. Other products such as wipes, sponges, and magic cleaners come in smaller sizes.
ScentWith its greater emphasis on cleaning, Mr. Clean has a fresher scent than Lysol. Fragrances include fresh linen and sky, moonlight breeze, tropical sunrise, meadows, and rain.Lysol is alcohol-based; hence it carries that thick smell you find in most disinfectants. Fragrances include Mango and Hibiscus, Tropical breeze, crisp linen, lemon breeze, and Orange blossom.
Format Mr. Clean comes in the basic cleaning product format and has no bleaching property. However, it has an antibacterial product in its ranksLysol comes in the basic disinfectant cleaning product format with a product that has bleaching properties.

Differences between Mr. Clean and Lysol

 Mr.Clean and Lysol are household names with many years of proven efficiency and durability. The varying product range has those providing similar cleaning services that often intersect.

It must be mentioned, however, that these two products have their differences, some of which are highlighted below:


Mr. Clean products

Mr. Clean comes in three major products and a magic eraser. These products include:

Mr. Clean Liquid Multipurpose Cleaner

The Mr. Clean liquid multipurpose cleaner is a liquid-based cleaning product. It cleans with no need for a rinse afterward, and it is effective for all types of surfaces.

  • Mr. Clean Antibacterial Multisurface Cleaner

The Mr. Clean Antibacterial multisurface cleaner is more tilted towards housekeeping jobs and areas where bacteria thrive. It kills off germs, even as it cleans the surface.

  • Mr. Clean Clean Freak Spray

The Mr. Clean clean freak spray is one of the best overall surface cleaning products. It can clean any floor and hard surfaces within a home. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other surfaces.

Lysol products

On the other hand, Lysol comes in two major products and a magic eraser. The products include:.

Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner

You can use the Lysol All-purpose cleaner for scum, grease, and everyday messes. Depending on the effect you intend to achieve, you may have to spray the surface you plan to clean and leave for a while before applying a damp cloth to wipe off scum and clean.

  • Lysol Bleaching Multipurpose Spray

The Lysol bleaching multipurpose spray is more suitable for kitchen surfaces, toilets, bathrooms, and other areas where you want to have your surface cleaned and sparkling.

Cleaning Power

Between the two products, Mr. Clean is known to provide more in-depth cleaning with little or no provision for disinfecting. The application of Mr. Clean can adequately clean heavily stained surfaces that are hard to clean. Lysol has lesser cleaning power but readily kills off germs more efficiently.


Compared with other plant-based cleaners, Mr. Clean and Lysol are cheaper options.

These prices may differ slightly depending on the product you go for. For Mr. Clean, prices range between $3 to $13. On the other hand, Lysol goes for $5 to $11.


Mr. Clean comes in various fresh-smelling fragrances. These fragrances last for days after application and cleaning.

Some of these fragrances include the following: original fresh, fresh linen and sky, moonlight breeze, tropical sunrise, meadows, and rain.

Lysol also possesses sweetly scented fragrances such as Orange blossom, Mango and Hibiscus, Tropical breeze, crisp linen, and lemon breeze.

Similarities between Mr. Clean and Lysol Cleaners

There are certain similarities between these two products, some of which include:

  • They both contain strong chemicals and give off harsh fumes; hence cleaning should be done in well-aerated areas.
  • They are both non-toxic cleaners.
  • They are both efficient and usable in homes and offices.


Mr. Clean and Lysol are both reliable products. Which product you eventually settle for depends significantly on what you intend to achieve. If the task is cleaning deep, tough stains, you should consider Mr. Clean. If you are dealing with a more toxic environment where there is a risk of being infected, you should try out Lysol. Either way, you are bound to have a clean and germ-free environment.

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