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Mrs. Meyer’s vs. Method: Which Green Cleaning Product Is Better?

Mrs. Meyer's vs Method

Your home reflects your life, so it is important to keep it clean and smelling fresh all the time. To do this, you need top-quality cleaning products and air fresheners to keep your home, laundry, and body clean. Traditional cleaning and body care products often contain lots of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances and ingredients that could damage your skin, and home appliances, and pollute the air.

That is why most people have turned to natural plant-based based brands for their products. Mrs Meyers and Method are safer, better alternatives to traditional cleaning products. Their products are strong, scented, and have a high cleaning power.

Mrs Meyers is known for its variety of fragrances and products ranging from laundry to cleaning, and even body wash. Method has lots of laundry and body hygiene products.

One of the main differences between Mrs Meyers and Method is their products offerings. Method offers more product variety than Mrs Meyers.


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 Mrs MeyersMethod
Product DiversityMrs Meyers is diverse in its products. And caters to different product lines.In addition to offering everything Mrs Meyers offers, Method also offers candles, air fresheners, and so on.
FragranceYou will find multiple amazing fragrances and unique products in Mrs Meyers product glossary.Method also has a nice collection of fragrances and scents.
Cleaning StrengthMrs Meyers products are extremely efficient, and will clean your clothes, plates, and kitchen counters very well.Their products cater to laundry, body, and home cleaning.
PriceMrs Meyers is cheaper than most plant-based alternative brands and is a good option for people with a budget.Method is also on the inexpensive side and is very affordable.
Is it Biodegradable?Mrs Meyers does provide a range of biodegradable products, but not all their products are biodegradable.Method uses biodegradable ingredients in its products.
IngredientsMrs Meyers makes use of some synthetic preservatives in their products to maintain them and keep them from going bad.Method uses synthetic fragrances and preservatives in its products.

Differences between Mrs Meyers and Method

Despite both being popular plant-based brands, they each have their own unique features that differentiate them. Here are some notable differences between Mrs Meyers and Method:


Both brands have their own unique design. Method uses a more straightforward, classic design with see-through bottles, and an easy-to-read look.

Mrs Meyers goes in the other direction and has a busier look. Their products have lots of information on them, including how to use it, the ingredients used, and more.

Method has a more aesthetically pleasing design and is the type of product you won’t mind leaving up on your countertops.


Like most green cleaning brands, Mrs Meyers and Method are extremely transparent about the ingredients they use and why they use them. Both brands have an ingredient glossary on their websites.

While they are both natural brands, Mrs Meyers uses about 140 synthetic ingredients. This includes preservatives and fragrances. They are cruelty-free and none of their products contain chlorine, artificial colours, petroleum distillates, phthalates, parabens, phosphates, formaldehyde, or ammonia.

Method is also cruelty-free. Each of their ingredients is evaluated by a material research agency to determine its safety. Their bottles are made from recycled plastic and are recyclable.


Methods fragrances are synthetically made but do not have any negative effects. They offer an array of scents in their products. Here are a few: eucalyptus mint, coconut water, mint leaf, juniper and sage, lime and sea salt, green tea and aloe, and lots more.

Method also offers scent-free and colourless products for those who prefer a completely natural alternative.

Mrs Meyers uses both synthetic and natural fragrances made from essential oils. Some of their unique scents include watermelon, bluebell, basil, plum berry, rose, peony, Iowa pine, radish, and lots more.

Mrs Meyers does not offer scent-free products.

Similarities between Mrs Meyers and Method Products


Plant-based brands are usually more expensive than traditional cleaning brands, and Mrs Meyers and Method are no different. However, both brands still remain more affordable than most plant-based brands and are very budget-friendly.

Prices vary depending on the size of the product, and where you buy it from. Mrs Meyers products range from 15 to 23 dollars. Method is usually cheaper than Mrs Meyers, and charges about 10 to 15 dollars per product.

Cleaning Power

Both Mrs. Meyer’s and Method are known for their amazing washing power. Mrs Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner was named the best plant-based cleaner and is a favorite among customers.

Methods products are strongly scented and great at fighting stains. Their laundry detergents are safe to use and do not cause any harm to your clothes or skin.

Both brands are great options for cleaning products if you want to go green.


Mrs Meyers and Method are both amazing brands and are favourites among people who love plant-based alternative brads. They are eco-friendly, safe to use, and a must-have in your home. Each brand has its own unique set of advantages that makes it unique.

If you’re still conflicted over which brand to purchase from, here’s a small summary of each brand. Mrs Meyers is best for those that value highly-scented products. They have a large variety of products and offer body and home cleaning products. They are very open about their brand and the ingredients they use.

Method has a variety of products for any type of cleaning you wish to do. Their products are effective and will help to brighten your home and clothes. In the end, it is all about preference. They are both wonderful brands, and whichever one you decide to buy from will be a great option.

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