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Oxiclean Vs. Shout: Which Stain Remover Should You Go For?

Oxiclean vs Shout

If your clothes aren’t getting clean, it’s only ideal that you look out for the best stain remover. 

Oxiclean is oxygen bleach that removes stains from white and color fabrics without ruining them. Although it offers a wide range of products, the Oxiclean powdered products have proven to be the most effective against tough stains like blood, grass, grease, etc. 

Shout is another big name among stain remover products. It uses enzymes and a mix of surfactants to break down stains, no matter how tough they are. Shout works for all colors of fabric and can be used in washing machines.

The difference between Oxiclean and Shout is that the former offers a variety of stain-removing products including laundry detergents, gel sticks, powders, and sprays, while the latter offers aerosols, gels, and sprays, focusing on spot stains. So, while Oxiclean can target a wide spectrum of stains, Shout focuses mainly on smaller stains.

Comparison of Oxiclean vs Shout

FeaturesOxiclean    Shout
Active ingredientsSodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants and polymer.Sodium borate, Lauryl glucoside, subtilisin, sodium hydroxide, Sodium Dodecylbenzene Sulfonate, sokala, and acusol
Product offeringAbout  thirty six (36) products under cleaners-deodorizers and laundry and fabric careSeven (7) products
ApplicationFor small and large stainsFor on-spot stains
AvailabilityEasy to findEasy to find
CostFrom $3, depending on the productFrom $3, depending on the product

Differences between Oxiclean and Shout

Stain removers are a necessity in every household. With a broad range of products on the market, Oxiclean and Shout have stood out because of their effectiveness against different stains. Nevertheless, they both have their uniqueness and differences, which we will discuss below. Continue reading to find out more.

Active ingredients

Every stain remover has surfactants, oxidizers, and enzymes that break down stains and make them easy to wash off. The main ingredient in Oxiclean, sodium percarbonate, also known as oxygen bleach is 40% more effective than chlorine bleach and isn’t as toxic as well, whether you use it in a well-ventilated space or not. When you mix Oxiclean with water (preferably hot or warm water), a reaction that produces oxygen bubbles forms. It is these bubbles that release the stains from the fabric.

The surfactants and enzymes in Shout form micelles when sprayed or poured on the stain, breaking it down so that once the fabric is placed in water, the micelles dissolve and make it easy to remove the cleaners/deodorizers.

Before choosing between any products, consider the stain you want to table first and the ingredients on the products available. For instance, if you want to remove blood stains, you should go for a product whose active ingredient is sodium percarbonate. For grease stains, a product with surfactants as an active ingredient will be more effective.

Products offering

The products from both brands have their specific uses, getting the job done in different ways unique to them.

Oxiclean shares its products under two groups- cleaners and laundry and fabric care. Their product which has proven to be most effective against the toughest of stains is the OxiCleanMaxForce Laundry Stain Remover Spray, which is usable in all water temperatures and on any type or color of the fabric. The Oxiclean versatile stain removal powder works efficiently for your laundry and general house cleaning. Furthermore, your whites deserve special treatment, and the OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover provides it without causing any damage.

The Shout Advanced Ultra Gel has a thick consistency that sticks right on the stain and remains there until you wash it out. This means that you can apply the gel on tougher stains like blood, wine, chocolate, etc., and leave it for days before washing plus the built-in brush on the bottle makes it easy to apply on spot-on stains. There’s also the Shout Advanced Grease Busting Foam for removing oil and grease from your clothes and the Shout Wipe and Go towelettes that are portable to carry around in case of any stains.

Like these few mentioned, other products from Oxiclean and Shout have proven effective.


The broad product base of Oxiclean makes them more versatile than Shout. With them, you get a multipurpose product for all kinds of cleaning and stain-removing chores. You also get products specific to needs like laundry, bathroom, countertop cleaning, etc. Shout doesn’t have as many products, hence lacking this versatility.

So you can use Oxiclean for tubs, tiles, laundry, plastic toys for kids, deck and patio, pet stains, and odor. While you can use Shout for only on-spot treatment on fabrics or upholstery.

Cost and availability

Both products are cheap and widely available in Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and most big box stores around you. Nevertheless, their prices may differ with the products and the stores.

For instance, the Shout advanced foaming grease and oil laundry stain remover cost $8 on amazon and $3.38 at Walmart. Also, the 5-ounce Oxiclean odor blaster cost about $11 in Walmart and $16 on Amazon.

So, while the cost may be a major factor, comparing the price of Oxiclean and Shouts products side-by-side isn’t necessary as they do not have similar products even though they aim at providing the same results.

Similarities between Oxiclean and Shout


Chlorine- the active ingredient found in most bleach and cleaning solutions, isn’t without flaws. Although it has proven effective against tough stains; nevertheless, damages the fabric used consistently over a while and releases toxins that are harmful to the human respiratory system, especially when used in a poorly ventilated area. Thankfully, neither Oxiclean nor Shout has chlorine as an active ingredient in their product, making them safe for use on any fabric and in any space.


If you are looking for the most effective stain remover, both Oxiclean and Shout are exceptional for this purpose. However, comparing customer reviews and experiments carried out by experts, Oxiclean is the overall stain remover because it removes even the hardest of stains from fabrics without damaging them. Plus you don’t have to soak it for a long time: after about 5 minutes, the active ingredients in the product break down the stain, leaving no trace. Shout has proven effective as well; however, it is more of a spot stain remover.

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