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Persil vs. Wisk: Find Out which Laundry Detergent Comes Out on Top

Persil vs Wisk

Coming in contact with this article shows that you are having trouble picking between these two products. Choosing between two different laundry detergents can be challenging, especially when they claim to give you the result you have always wanted.

Persil is a German brand detergent made out of natural plants based on stain removals. Persil has a concentrated amount of formula that removes stains almost immediately and even in a fast wash; this justifies that you can get your desired result even with a small amount of this Persil detergent.

Wisk was an American brand detergent; it penetrates the deepest of your fabrics and cleans it thoroughly; it washes off the dirt that is not visible, sweats and oils, and shows that Wisk cleans powerfully.

No matter how a particular product seems similar, there is always a difference. For example, the most visible difference between Persil and Wisk is that Wisk latter can clean off Non-visible sweats and oils more than the other.

DescriptionPersil  Wisk  
Ingredients  Persil Ingredients are made out of natural-based plants; some of the ingredients include sodium, Alcohol, sodium salt, and glycol etcWisk has more high-efficiency formula, and it has active ingredients called Sodium citrate.    
Variety of products  Persil offers various products used for certain things such as Hygienic cleaning, Sensitive skin, Stain removal, Delicate wash, etc.  Wisk does not have an extensive range of products as peril has, but that doesn’t overrule the fact that it doesn’t work powerfully.  
Cleaning power  Persil has a very high concentrated cleaning power, and It cleans stains and dirt almost immediately after applying it.  Wisk has a very high superior ability for cleaning, and It cleans so deeply that it doesn’t miss any oil or dirt on your Fabric or other materials.  
Sizes  Persil comes in different types of sizes, Either big or small; it is your the choice to decide which one you want.  Wisk also has different types of sizes.  
Formats  Persil comes in two formats, The Persil liquid detergent and the Discs.  Wisk came in the format of traditional liquid soap.  

Differences between peril and Wisk

Persil and Wisk are two different products, but the same person must have found them. Below are some explanations.


Persil products.

  • Washing liquids: This product is the perfect product for stubborn stains; it removes easily and enhances the quick wash of the cloth because it is made with a plant that removes stains as efficiently as possible. They are very hard on colors.
  • Persil Non-Bio Liquid Detergent: The products get rid of the most challenging stains in Fabric but are softer on the skin; this, in turn, is also made of the plant. The scent is fresh, and you can rest assured that your cloth can be left clean and fresh.
  • Persil Color Liquid Detergent: This product comes in a fresher scent, and it helps to retain the color of the Fabric without it wearing out. It also removes stains easily.
  • Persil Bio Liquid Detergent: The peril bio liquid detergent is a product that can be said to be the best Persil product, easily ten times the other product does; it also keeps your white Fabric intact. It is a highly concentrated formula of detergent that provides the most Intense stain remover.
  • Persil Anti-bacterial Laundry Sanitizer: This product is 99.9% sure that it kills Viruses and bacteria fabrics; in doing this, they automatically leave your clothes brand new and very neat; It can also still be used for multi-colored and colored clothes.

The Wisk Products

  • The Wisk Deep Clean Original: This product thoroughly cleans past the visible and Non-visible stains; it fights against the sweat, bacteria, and Viruses on the clothes. As its name has been called, the Wisk deep clean original doesn’t always wash off the outer part of the fabrics, but it penetrates to eliminate every of the dirt on the Fabric.
  • The Wisk Original HEC: The original Wisk HEC product is an excellent and Potent detergent no matter how long it has lasted in your home. It cleans powerfully and can be used in various washing machines, and won’t affect the device either one way or the other.
  • The Wisk HE: The Wisk HE and The Wisk HEC are automatically two different detergents that belong to the same brand. The HE product is a very standard one. It cleans cloth so accurately and leaves a very fruity scent behind.
  • The Wisk Clean Fresh Breeze: This product smells so much nicer than the other ones, It oozes out the fresh scent, and it adds to the boost of the cleanliness
  • Oxi Complete: This product goes by its name; it does every of its work thoroughly, that is, it fights germs ultimately; it cleans the stains entirely and makes sure to retain the fabric color just as it was.

Cleaning power

Peril and Wisk have excellent and good cleaning power, They clean so well without you spotting any other stains, but peril has been said to have more cleaning power than that Wisk.


The amount of time these detergents both uses in cleaning Fabrics are not that different from each other; Persil cleans your fabric faster as much as Wisk does, and Both have no automated time that they both use in cleaning.


Persil and Wisk are considered to be excellent detergents, and they tend to be more expensive than other products; however, between them, there is no actual amount.


What most people look out for when they get a new detergent is how much it foams to be sure of how much it works; Persil detergent has been proved and said to be foamed than that of Wisk.


Persil and Wisk don’t have similar scents; they both have different smells. Moreover, you can only find two other scents in peril, while Wisk has different types of fragrances.


The detergents have different types and don’t look the same and they both have different types of plastic that they are both kept; The peril products are more than that of the Wisk products but both other products have what they contribute to.


Both detergents are suitable and highly efficient for use, When it is narrowed down to price, The Persil has been said to be costlier than Wisk, and Wisk might have been eliminated from the market; that is, it doesn’t exist again.

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