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Pinalen vs. Pine-Sol

Pinalen vs Pine Sol

The argument about which surface cleaning product is the best might tend to infinity because what one has, the other does not have, and the reverse is also the case. However, you can compare two surface cleaning products to know which one suits you best. Here we are looking at Pinalen vs Pine-Sol. 

Pinalen is one of the most authentic versatile cleaners with 3 times more pine oil than its competitors. It deep cleans by cutting through grease and stain on all surfaces and also leaves the surface with a good aroma. 

Pine-Sol is also as good as Pinalen. It has a strong resisting power that leaves all hard surfaces crystal clear.

When comparing both products, you will discover that Pinalen can easily adapt for every use. On the other hand, Pine-Sol will not perform well for every use but works better than Pinalen when used in its recommended areas.

Comparision Table of Pinalen vs Pine-Sol

Active ingredientsPine oil, Lauric acid, Sodium salt (dodecanoic acid, sodium saltWater, glycolic acid, alcohol, sulfonates, distearates, xanthan gum, and benzoic acid
ScentPine oil scentFresh scent
ToxicTo human bodyTo plants
SolubilityCompletely soluble in waterCompletely soluble in water
Recommended use of the productIndoors and outdoorsHard non-porous surfaces
Cost$2.47 to $40.69$3.45 to $21.52

Differences between Pinalen and Pine-Sol 

The differences between Pinalen and Pine-Sol can be seen in their uses, active ingredients, toxicity, varieties, and cost.


If you have used some cleaners, you will agree that there were cases where they performed really well and cases where they had minimal effect. To utilize the full potential of these products, you need to use them by their specific recommendation for use. However, Pinalen carries itself as a multipurpose cleaner that will clean all stains, grease, dirt, dust, etc., from floor to ceiling of your house. Therefore, it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. While Pine-Sol prides itself as the master of all hard non-porous surfaces such as floors, counters, bathtubs, sinks, shower stalls, etc. There are other special attributes of both cleaners that contribute to the way they are used, so let’s check them out.

Deodorizing attribute

Sometimes after cleaning, we notice that some bad odors won’t just go away, but that is where the strong deodorizing power of Pinalen comes into play. If you clean with pinalen, the odors vanish like magic. Pine-sol will give you fresh and natural air to breathe, no doubt, but Pinalen does an extra job of adding fragrance to it, making it suitable for garbage cans, pet houses, drains, etc.

Rust prevention

A disinfecting tool is an important aspect of household cleaning, but some cleaners often leave the tools prone to rust. This is not the case for pine-sol. It has better rust-resistant properties than Pinalen, which allows it to provide an ultra-clean finish without exposing your tools to rust.

Tough stains

Pinalen is an all-purpose cleaner. For that reason, it is produced with moderate cleaning power to accommodate all kinds of objects. Any attempt to increase its cleaning ability might turn it into a harsh product on delicate materials like colored fabrics, leather, etc. In contrast, Pine-Sol is specifically made for hard surfaces, so it is fully equipped for any kind of stain it might encounter. Just use the Pine-Sol in full strength on the stained areas, and you will see an excellent result.

Active ingredients

Another difference can be spotted in the active ingredients of both cleaners. In Pinalen, Pine Oil is the active ingredient, which is the base of its cleaning strength, followed by Lauric acid, Sodium salt. Whereas Pine-Sol draws its strength from Benzoic acid and glycolic acid. Other ingredients include water alcohol, sulfonates, distearates, and xanthan gum.


Pinalen and Pine-Sol are toxic to an extent. Pinalen is more toxic to the human body, and as such, it is advised to keep it away from the sensitive parts of the body. There are some safety measures that you can read up on the label of the product to ensure proper usage. Pine-Sol’s toxicity is more toward plants, so be careful not to let it close to your garden. There are also some safety measures to read up on its label.


We like these two products because no matter which one you choose; you have the luxury of choosing from different varieties. Pinalen offers Pinalen Original, Pinalen Max Aromas, Pinalen Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser, Pinalen Dishwashing Liquid, Pinalen Max Power Multipurpose Cleaners, and Pinalen Glass and Surface Cleaner. While Pine-Sol offers Original Pine-Sol, Lemon Fresh, Lavender Clean, and Sparkling Wave. 


Price will continue to be a driving force for customers whenever it comes to deciding between two products, and the cheaper one almost always wins the race. Having said that, it is unclear which of these two cleaners will be expensive or cheaper at the time of buying because prices differ with the size, the type, and the store you are buying from. All the same, there is a price range in the comparison chart above to give you an idea of what you should be expecting from each cleaner. 


At this point, we hope you already know which of these two cleaners will satisfy your cleaning needs. 

If you need a cleaner, you can practically use on anything that needs cleaning; you should consider Pinalen cleaner. This cleaning solution will serve you indoors and will not disappoint you outdoor. You can use it without worrying about any side effects on the material you are cleaning.

But if you want a cleaning solution with an area of specialization, Pine-Sol is the answer. This cleaner will go hard on tough stains and grease for you, leaving your surfaces glowing once more.  From the details above, it is safe to say that neither Pinalen nor Pine-Sol is inferior to each other. They are kings in their own kingdom, so it is left to you to know what you want and go for it.

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