Pine-Sol vs. Pine Glo

Coming from the same company, one will wonder what could be the difference between the Pine Sol and the Pine Glo? and which one is better? As you scroll, you will get to know that, but first, here is a quick reminder that they are both efficient cleaning products needed in our daily lives.

Pine Sol is one of the most popular cleaning products out there. It has borne scrutiny over time and yet effortlessly stands out from its competitors.

Pine Glo is also as great as Pine Sol. It is a later version of the Pine Sol, produced as a budget option for those who cannot afford Pine Sol. 

The obvious difference between both products is price. Pine Sol is quite expensive but a worthy investment. On the other hand, Pine Glo is a cost-effective option that is also very functional. Both products come from the same company, and you can also see some similarities in their names. 

Comparison chart of Pine Sol vs Pine Glo

FeaturesPine SolPine Glo
Active IngredientsGlycolic acidOctyl Decyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride
Pest repellentYesNo
FragrancePine oilArtificial chemicals
EPA approved to kill covidYesNo
CostExpensiveLess expensive

Differences between PineSol and Pine Glo

For better comparison, it is important to consider the difference between both products, and some of these differences are found in their cleaning ability, disinfecting ability, fragrance, health effect, active ingredients, and cost. 

Cleaning ability

PineSol and Pine Glo are indeed produced first as cleaners before other additional uses. Even so, one is still a better cleaner than the other. When you look at their prices, you can easily guess which one is the better cleaner, and you will be right if you guess pine sol. Pine Glo does a decent job when it comes to general cleaning, but it requires extra effort from you to get the job done. While pine sol is more concentrated and equipped to easily remove tenacious stains. This is one of the abilities you get when you pay that extra cash. 

Disinfecting ability

It gives more satisfaction to know that your cleaner will not only remove tough stains but will also get rid of the disease-causing organisms. Many cleaners out there boast of having disinfecting powers, but as usual, some are more powerful than others. This can also be said between Pine-sol and Pine Glo. Both cleaners are good disinfectants, no doubt, but when diluted, PineSol still maintains its disinfecting power while Pine Glo loses some of those abilities. This means that Pine-sol is a better disinfectant than Pine Glo in equal quantity. 

Talking about disinfecting, another important thing to note between these two products is that Pine Sol is EPA approved to kill covid while Pine Glo is not. Therefore whether diluted or not, don’t expect Pine Glo to disinfect against covid. Pine sol is the go-to option if you want a cleaner for that. Another reason for its price tag.


This could be the first difference you will notice between the two cleaners; you can smell the natural pine oil fragrance of Pine Sol even without opening the bottle. The pine oil is included in little quantity for scent. Pine Glo, however, does not have any quantity of pine oil; rather, it uses artificial chemicals made to smell like pine for scent. You can easily tell that it is not original pine oil, plus the fragrance disappears in a short time, unlike Pine Sol. Also, when used in a closed room, where the fragrance cannot easily disappear, it degenerates into an unpleasant smell. This cannot be said for Pine Sol.

Health effect

It is wise to consider the health effect of any cleaning product you buy to further know how you can use it without risking your health. You rarely see a cleaner with a separate instruction manual, but most times, you can find some safety measures written on the body of the cleaner. From the modern regulations controlling cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, you can say that Pine Sol and Pine Glo are not as harmful as other cleaners. However, they still pose some threats to the body ranging from skin irritation to breathing discomfort, which is the most severe and particularly associated with Pine Glo. Both cleaners have their fair share of discomfort, but Pine Sol is more bearable than Pine Glo.

Active Ingredients

Two completely different products mean two completely different ingredients, especially the active ingredients. The active ingredient you will find in Pine Sol is glycolic acid, while that of Pine Glo is Octyl Decyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride. Other ingredients for pine sol include water, fragrance allergen(s), sodium carbonate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium lauryl sulphate, colorants, and PEG/PPG (propylheptyl ether or C10-12 alcohol elthoxylates). While that of Pine Glo is Octyl Decyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride, Dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, alkyl, dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, and others. 


This comparison will not be complete without considering their prices. Coming last on this list, the cost is actually the first and driving factor of some people when choosing between two products. Laying a direct price comparison between Pine Sol and Pine Glo is quite ambiguous because other determining factors influence their prices. However, we have a price range that could give you a clue of what you should expect when shopping. As earlier mentioned, Pine Glo is a cheaper version of Pine-sol and usually sells for 1 dollar or less, while pine sol is sold between $3.45 to $21.52. 


It is important to choose the right cleaning product. While this may not look like a big deal, it can be a difficult task to do when you don’t have all the details. Luckily, there is enough information above to help you decide without breaking a sweat.  If you have extra cash to spare, you should go for Pine Sol. It has additional benefits that make up for its price. But if you are on a tight budget, you should consider Pine Glo. It is also very functional and will satisfy your basic cleaning and disinfecting needs.

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