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Seventh Generation vs. Mrs. Meyer’s: Which Is the Best Green Cleaning Product?

Seventh Generation vs Mrs. Meyer's

Shopping for cleaning products has never been an easy task. There are hundreds of big brand names to choose from, each containing so many chemicals that are sure to damage your home.

That’s why people are starting to shop green. Eco-friendly products such as Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s are plant-based and lack the horrible chemicals that can damage your home appliances and pollute the air.

Both Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s offer a range of products from cleansers to dishwasher detergent, body wash, period products, and even trash bags. Seventh Generation is known for its variety as it offers many products and caters to multiple sectors, including body care, and home cleaning.

Mrs. Meyer’s is also very diverse in its eco-friendly products. However, it caters to less product lines and is more scented than Seventh Generation products.

One of the main differences between Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s products is the use of synthetic ingredients. While both brands are plant-based and eco-friendly, Mrs. Meyer’s has over 100 synthetic ingredients listed in its products.

 Seventh GenerationMrs. Meyer’s
Diversity in Product OfferingsSeventh Generation is diverse in its products and caters to a wide market.They offer a range of high quality products.
FragranceSeventh Generation uses natural fragrance from essential oils in all their products.Mrs. Meyer’s makes use of synthetic fragrances in some of its products.
Cleaning StrengthSeventh Generation is great at cleaning and kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria.It has a strong cleaning power, and is just as good as traditional, non-eco friendly brands.
PriceTheir products are more expensive than their eco-friendly counterparts.Mrs. Meyer’s is a bit more costly than traditional, non-eco-friendly brands.
Is it Biodegradable?Not all Seventh Generation products are biodegradable. However, their deodorant and body wash is 100 percent biodegradable.Mrs. Meyer’s offers lots of biodegradable cleaning products.
IngredientsThey make use of plant-based ingredients.Mrs. Meyer’s products are also plant-based.


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Difference between Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s


Seventh Generation uses only natural fragrances and colours. Their scent is derived from essential oils. They also offer fragrance-free oils for those that prefer it. The lack of artificial dyes and scents makes it a better choice for those with sensitive skin.

Mrs. Meyer’s is widely known for it unique fragrance and colours. Unlike Seventh  Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s makes use of synthetic fragrances in some of their products to give it a unique look and smell. If you like strongly scented products, Mrs. Meyer’s is the perfect brand for you. They don’t offer scent-free products like Seventh Generation.


Due to its biodegradable, plant-based products, most eco-friendly products tend to cost more than their traditional counterparts. Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s are no different.

If you’re looking for an in-budget eco-friendly product, Mrs. Meyer’s is a better option. While both brands are on the expensive side, Seventh Generation is very pricey and costs around 22 to 31 dollars per products. It is worth the price though as their products are long-lasting and good quality.

Mrs. Meyer’s products are way less expensive, with prices as low as 15 dollars. Because they are plant based, Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s do not pose a threat to our environment and water. This is one of the main reason their products are quite expensive.


It is always great to find a brand that creates a wide variety of products, so that you can consistently purchase from them. If this is a preference you have, Seventh Generation is the best option for you. The brand caters to a long list of product lines including body care, dustbin bags, period care products, disinfectants, baby products, cleaning products and lots more.

Mrs. Meyer’s is a lot less diverse in its products. They mainly produce cleaning products, body care, and air fresheners. They offer fewer options for those looking for a large brand they can buy from.

Both brands make use of recycled materials in making their products. Their containers are also recyclable and can be biodegradable.

Similarities between Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s

Just as they share some differences, Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s also share some similarities, including;

They are both Eco-Friendly

Of course, the most obvious similarity the two brands share is that they are eco-friendly or green. This means the majority, or sometimes, all ingredients used in their products are plant based.


Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s are both open to sharing the exact ingredients used in making each of their products.

Despite being plant-based, both brands do make use of some synthetic ingredients. The preservatives used in their soaps and cleansers are synthetic to ensure the product does not get spoilt easily. Mrs. Meyer’s also makes use of artificial fragrances and dyes.

Cleaning Strength

The main attraction of cleaning products is how good they are at cleaning and how long they last. Both Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s have a long life span and are among the best plant-based cleaning products. Both brands have highly rated products that have been praised repeatedly by customers and critiques alike for its fragrance, cleaning power, and variety.


Depending on which one you like best, you can choose to purchase Seventh Generation or Mrs. Meyer’s products. Both Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyer’s are strong eco-friendly brands that produce efficient plant-derived products, and both brands have their unique advantages.

Mrs. Meyer’s is more catered towards scented products that will leave your home smelling beautifully. They use artificial and natural scenes to give their products a unique aroma.

Seventh Generation is best for those that need a brand with an extensive list of products. They also feature fragrance free products. All in all, both brands are amazing, and whichever you pick depends on your preference and personal taste.

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