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Why My Shark Vacuum Smells Like Burning

Why My Shark Vacuum Smells Like Burning

Shark vacuum easily cleans floors and carpets with a vacuum cleaner and prevents daily dust accumulation in your home. But why my Shark vacuum smells like burning?

The most typical reason is a damaged vacuum cleaner belt. It may stretch, tear, or bulge from heat, causing a rubbery smell. As soon as you smell this odor, replace your belt to fix the issue and stop further damage.

Why My Shark Vacuum Smells Like Burning?

A burning smell while using a vacuum indicates a problem with the vacuum. The scent of burning might suggest that anything is wrong with the vacuum. It suggests that the vacuum’s lower components are malfunctioning.

Reason 1: Damaged belt

It may cause the vacuum to emit a burning scent if the rubber belt is worn out when it’s in use. The belt controls your rolling brush’s rotation as a general rule. As a result, your roller brush will not be in its most OK condition if the belt has any shards. 

The burning smell may be caused by the brush’s contact with the rubber belt. Make sure the vacuum is disconnected from the source of electricity and open so that you can determine whether the belt is an issue. 

How to fix it?

Only a screwdriver is required for this task. See whether the belt is still in good condition or if it needs to be changed, dismantle it, and inspect it. In this case, buying a new belt may be out of the question for the time being. 

Moreover, the easiest way is to avoid it. Inspect your belt regularly and replace it if you see an issue. If you wear your belt regularly, you should replace it quarterly. An elastic iron belt is a good alternative if you want something more durable.

Reason 2: Debris Clogging

Your vacuum removes a significant quantity of dust and debris. As a result, dirt will inevitably block the system’s components. Make sure your rolling brush isn’t jammed up with debris.

How to fix it?

It can be a typical problem if you’re dealing with filthy carpets. They could become caught in the rollerblade and the belt gap. Remove the debris as early as possible.

Reason 3: Roller Blade Problem

Your rollerblade is a necessary part of the equation in a vacuum. You use it to force dirt further into your vacuum cleaner’s filter. 

Even if something happens, you’ll probably know about it. It is, however, the burning aroma that can be the clearest sign that your roller brush is malfunctioning. 

How to fix it?

There’s no way of knowing what you’re going to find. Open it up and see if there are any issues by disconnecting it from your power cord. 

The problem may be that you create a new one. An expert in vacuum cleaner repair is always available for those who lack technical expertise.

Reason 4: Motor Problems

It is one of the most common reasons for a vacuum’s burning odor. If it continues for a lengthy period, you could even see smoke. The motor will emit a noxious odor if the vacuum’s filters are clogged.

How to fix it?

A clogged vacuum bag is another possibility. If the vacuum bag is complete, remove it and clean the filters to solve the issue. When the engine works too hard, it might give off a smoky smell.

A loose connection between the vacuum and your wall socket may be causing the vacuum’s motor to overheat. You’ll need an electrician to help you with this. An issue with the vacuum’s wiring or the power supply at the mains might be the culprit.

Reason 5: Burning Cigarette

Smokers may want to check their vacuums for cigarette butts if they notice smoke and a burning smell emanating from their voids. To avoid making your vacuum smell like it is on fire, ensure that you snuff out your cigarettes properly before placing them in the vacuum cleaner. 

How to fix it?

It’s time to standardize how to properly get rid of used cigarette butts. If you’re going to use a vacuum to gather them, don’t put them on the floor. The cigarette filter must be extinguished before you do this.

Reason 6: The Wall Plug or Cable is Hot

An overworked motor frequently causes a hot wall plug or cable. There is also a loose connection between the vacuum cable and the mains. Ensure the cable wires in the plug terminals are well-secured to fix the problem. 

How to fix it?

Ensure that the socket and plug are securely fastened if you find that the plug is still hot. Try plugging the vacuum into a different outlet to see if it fixes the problem, or call in a professional for aid.

Reason 7: The Hair Has Gotten Tangled

It can cause a burning scent if the hair is wrapped around the rotary brush’s ends and dragged toward the bearings. The friction on the hair causes a burning odor. Therefore, you must remove it.

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