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Why O Cedar Spray Mop Leaking Water: Problems and Solution

O Cedar Spray Mop Leaking Water

The O-Cedar Spray Mop delivers a light and deep cleaner for all the household needs, effectively removing grime, dirt, and more than 99% bacteria with water. Why O the Cedar Spray Mop leaking water?

The apparent reason to get a spray mop is to clean your bathroom or home. It won’t clean the house since it will cause leaks of water and cleaning solution. 

Instead, it will cause even more chaos. There are plenty of problems behind this. Read till the end of this article and find out more about it.

Why O Cedar Spray Mop Leaking water?

You must cease using the mop if you encounter this problem. Determine why there is a leak, then fix it. Here are some details to help you understand why my o-cedar spray mop is dripping.

Missing Rubber Tip

Rubber tips can be damaged or lost owing to excessive pressure. And you were blissfully unaware of it. When you use it, you’ll notice leaking.

Dealing with a leakage problem and not knowing what caused it can be frustrating. The next time you run into this problem, make sure the rubber tip is there.

Loosened Black Cone

This spray mop’s black cone performs a critical role in cleaning. Regardless of the position, You may adjust the spray mop with ease. However, it is also quite forgiving. If it comes free, you’ll have a lot of water damage.

Damaged O Ring

Since there is a built-in O ring that genuinely works to prevent leaking, keeping it secure while simultaneously applying significant pressure to drive it back is pretty challenging. Furthermore, the O ring might be damaged if subjected to excessive pressure. 

This ring is also susceptible to breakage. A leaking O ring can occur if the push button’s function is to control replenishment. Check the O-ring next time you notice water leaking into the water.

How To Fix A Leaking O-Cedar Spray Mop?

You’ve learned about some likely causes when O-Cedar spray mop water leaks. You may resolve these problems. 

The customer service at O-Cedar should be criticized regardless of whether you can address the problem independently. You will manage your issue if you contact them. The only way to fix a mop that isn’t working is to get a new one.

Why Buy an O Ceder Spray?

This spray mop hasn’t let anyone down yet, except for a minor hiccup. If you’re a newbie, look at our outlined benefits and usage.

Flexible to Use

You can remove the mops. It’s up to you whether you want to wash them manually or put them in a washing machine; you can do either. Multiple mops aren’t going to put too much of a strain on your finances. 

Refilling mops is necessary. You can use the same mop repeatedly, but that’s nothing new.It cleans more than it consumes with a small amount of explanation. In addition, it’s a significant benefit for many people.


It is already put together when this mop is sent to your door. A further step of assembly isn’t necessary. Once you’ve received it, you’re free to use it however you like.

You can use it without a bucket. In addition, it has a built-in sprayer. A bucket is a need for most of us when mopping the floor. 

Another factor contributes to its allure. The mop spins itself. In this manner, you will be able to clean more thoroughly. It only takes a few minutes to do. You can also flip its pad. 

The place has two sides that you can use. You can use the same cleaning pad throughout the process by simply flipping it over. 

Cleans Larger Area

Because the mop you’ve always used is so tiny, you have a large room to clean. Mopping is taking up a lot of your time and you can clean a larger area with this mop. This 16-inch long-headed mop is the perfect replacement for your old small mop. 

It scours the ground for every last piece of trash. Use it to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and stairwells, to name a few places.

User Friendly

With O-Cedar Spray mop, there’s no need for a broom. You can use it to dry dust. Alternatively, you might use a wet clean to mop the floor. You can adjust the spray bottle like you can cut butter with a hot knife. 

The one-touch release system makes easy removal and repositioning of the spray container. In addition, there is no chance of an inadvertent overabundance of it. The flexible and comfortable grip allows you to fine-tune the spray pattern.

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